Krafton Inc to invest another 150m in Indian Startups

Krafton Inc., a South Korean gaming company and BGMI developer, has announced its commitment to invest $150 million in India over the next two to three years.

The announcement comes as Krafton’s most popular product, battle royale game Battleground Mobile India (BGMI), continues to operate under a government-mandated three-month review after being blocked for nearly 10 months till May this year.

Since its first investment in March 2021, Krafton has invested nearly $140 million in 11 startups. The company’s investment philosophy is focused on providing strategic value that goes beyond mere financial contribution, leveraging its expertise and experiences in the sectors in which it invests.

India is an important market for Krafton. As of July last year, its flagship game BGMI had over 100 million registered players. However, Krafton has faced setbacks in India as well. Sonuniigaam Two of its major sports have been banned in the country.

Beyond game development studios, the company’s investments span diverse and complementary sectors including e-sports, multimedia entertainment, content creation and audio platforms.

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