Renault Limited Edition of Kiger, Triber & Kwid will cost more

French car company Renault wants to sell more and more car units in India to expand its business. To increase its market share before the festive season, Renault has launched the Urban Night Limited Edition of Kiger, Triber and Kwid car model.

The Urban Night Limited Edition of Renault Kiger, Triber and Kwid models will be limited to only 300 cars. To get these premium car additions, the customer will have to pay more. If you are thinking of buying this car, then depending on the model you will have to pay Rs 6,999 to Rs 14,999 more.

New features in Renault Urban Night Edition

Renault Urban Night Limited Edition has these features – Stealth Black body colour, Stardust Silver Accents, Smart Mirror Monitor, Advanced Ambient Lighting System, Illuminated Scuff Plates, Paddle Lamps and Stealth Black Exterior.

For Triber and Kwid model, Stealth Black exterior color is new to the range. Many features like smart mirror monitor, advanced ambient lighting system, illuminated scuff plates have been added to the interior of these cars.

The new cars feature front and rear side skid plates and cladding on the door sides of these vehicles. The Smart Mirror Monitor features a 9.6-inch color screen that also serves as an interior rearview mirror with adjustable viewing angles.

The premium variant includes manual and AMT gearbox options. Renault has not made any changes to the engine options. It will be powered by the same 1.0-litre naturally Telugurockers aspirated unit or 1.0-litre turbocharged petrol engine as the regular model.

Price of Renault Urban Night Premium Edition

The Renault Kiger and Triber Urban Night Limited Edition cost Rs 14,999 more than the top-end variant. The Renault Kwid Urban Knight Limited Edition costs Rs 6,999 more.

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